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As an artist I contribute a distinct vision of social issues through narrative sculpture. My large-scale sculptures combine ceramic elements with metal, glass mosaic and light composed within public spaces. The conceptual underpinnings of my work have ranged from human consciousness, to nostalgia, and currently my concerns for environmental impacts to detached consumer culture and lack of art education in children. Each sculptural artwork speaks for logical progress and has been chosen to reveal overlooked social issues.

The sculptures often portray a human inside the animal form to indicate a time of transition and potential. The animal body symbolizes the intuitive. By using fired ceramic, glass, and metal I link the imagined form to a historic material that speaks simultaneously of fragility and timelessness.
Earlier artworks and installations reflect an observation that spiritual understanding is a human capability largely unfulfilled in today’s society. The ceramic figures and bar-relief’s reference boyhood dreams and lost ideals. Misconceptions of reality and illusions of stability are addressed through sculpted representations of subconscious images that echo memories from a time past.

Spurred by environmental and health concerns my current studio practice combines research from science with art. I have an explicit interest in environmental impacts to the land and waterways. Through this new work I hope to contribute to a growing awareness of human health issues and to inspire care for the natural world that sustains us.

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