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How effective is your museum’s website? Does it reflect your identity as an organisation? Does it appeal to your visitors and showcase the collection?

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John Zolezzi sources his inspiration from the collection of unique rocks in the field around San Diego and Imperial Countries. His artistic talent is largely driven by his imagination and keen ability to see images in the rocks that he finds.

John Zolezzi spent much of his adult life riding the high seas, leading a crew of fishermen to the catch, and enduring a multitude of life-changing experiences along the way.
Inspired by the exotic locations of foreign ports, Zolezzi turned to art, using found materials : nature’s building blocs, stones.

JOHN ZOLEZZI developed a love of natural materials during his years as a commercial fishing captain. He is a natural rock hound, searching the backwoods of San Diego county for stone treasures which he sculpts to reveal their inner stories.

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